Preggy diary part 1

Well my life has obviously changed a lot since I peed on a stick and saw a positive sign. My belly is growing, little one is kicking like crazy, heartburn is a regular feature @ night and peeing 10 to 20 times a day now.

It must sound like I’m complaining but I am not. There is a miracle growing in my belly(well not actualy my belly, but you know what I mean….right?) after seeing this video explaining the journey the sperm has to go through for a women to get pregnant is amazing. And makes you realise that every human is a walking miracle.

The firts sonar was just amazing…she(yes, having a little girl. Her name is Eliza, short for Elizabeth) was barely as big as my tumb and there was already a heart beat…crazy and beautiful! How great is our God!!! I am not telling or learning her to breath or that her heart must beat all the time…her body knows. Already perfect!

The firts time I felt her move(@ 16weeks) was weird yet great. Felt like butterflies. As she grew the butterflies became a little bit more aggressive and liking my ribs way to much….even sneezing has became painful and something I try do as little as possible! But as I tell my husband, at least I know she is alive and kicking, than worring if she is ok.

My time of having time for myself, sleeping, doing what I want and when I want to is coming to an end. I don’t mind, wanted to be a mother for such a long time and now that it’s almost in my reach…I can’t wait!!! Just to hold her, love her and cherish her is all I can think of!!!

Thank you God for my little Eliza! Thank you!!!👶💝


Movie I can’t wait to see!!!



Yes, it’s Hunger Games: Catching Fire!!!!!!  I have read the books soooo many times I will be able to do the dialog with the cast!

You have probably seen the last trailer….looks like Francis is going to do an excellent job of recreating the horrible, suspenseful scenes from the book.  I have been counting down since I saw the first movie and read the books!  So glad the wait is over and soon I will be able to watch the movie over and over!!! 



I know this has been a subject of discussion for quite some time now – The Rhino poaching…..  It’s sad and disgusting!!!  I can’t believe there are still people who think/believe that killing innocent animals will help them medically when it’s been proven it won’t!!!  

I was just very happy that when me and my husband(with his father) went to the Kruger National Park last week, we saw lots and lots of rhino’s!!!  It was amazing to see them proof that they are stronger than the monsters that are after their horns!!!

I just wanted to share this one pic of the mother rhino and her little one…..just amazing how Gods creations are!

The best party scene – ever!!!


I don’t know about you but the party scene of Great Gatsby was awesome!!!!  I just wanted to climb into the screen and party with them!!! WOW!!!! It looks like soooo much fun, exotic and just freakin awesome!!! The movie captured the essence of the writer’s book perfectly!!!!

Doing house work with a smile……??



Being a newly house wife and doing chores, baking and cooking. It’s impossible to do it like these ladies(they are fictional I tell you!!!)….if you want to do all these things with a smile(or try to!) like these lovely ladies in the picture – put on all your favorite songs(as loud as possible, will depend on where you live!) and sing along, dance even a little.  Luckily for most of us, not a lot of people will see this so you can go all bonkers! Make your house work fun and exciting! If some one does discover you busy doing your houseworkchoresbakingcooking dance/sing along….just casually tell them “Ohh your home!” If they reply with silents and a smile you know they are still thinking of you holding the broom like a mic so go on with you work – normally(leave the dancing until your alone again) even ask if they want something to drink, make them think it was all an illusion! 

If I were you



This was such a delightful movie, a bit of an insight in the live of the wife that’s been cheated on and the husbands new girlfriend(mistress). Definitely worth the watch!!  How the two of them help each other even though they should hate each other, is really sweet….. After the movie you will feel happy and just a warm fuzzy feeling!




It’s is addictive people!!!  So if you do have free time, yes by all means join and go into the wonderful world J.K Rowling created(with help I can only imagine….) It’s fun going to Diagon Alley, getting to put the sorting hat “on”…..but then you go on and on. You forget time and when you look at the time on your PC you see its lunch time so nooo wonder your stomach is growling……and then you remember – your husband needs food as well….. You start with a flash, something quick and easy and taste full(best make it something he reeeally likes so that he doesn’t mind that the food is late!) but between making and taking the food you have this urge to do the whole thing over again because you want to make sure that the sorting hat didn’t maybe make a mistake….  But then the voice in your head says to finish what you started….because even though you are in Hufflepuff – this is going to be fun!  Being in Griffindor is not that important.  Hufflepuff is nice, you know…..  They have a cool…..ummmm….creature and the color is a vibrant yellow! 🙂   Well ummm I have warned you and if you have already been and still is hoocked…..Why didn’t you warn me?!

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